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New Personal Trainer Calvin Moore!

Free Spirit would like to welcome onboard, our new Personal Trainer Calvin Moore. Calvin is our gentle giant at 6″2 with a wide background in sports and athletics, he will whip you into shape in no time at all!

Try this workout...

30 mins Core and Arms

A quick weekend blitz for those of you wanting to work on strengthening arms and core. My legs were sore today (‘yippee!’ I hear you cry ;)) so I let them recover whilst still getting in a workout.

This workout requires nothing more than a medicine ball and a Swissball.

Client Stories


“I think the sessions with Calvin are going brilliantly. He works me really hard and I hope he’s satisfied with the effort I put in. I always feel we make really good use of the hour and that I get value for money.”

“We’ve made subtle changes to the workouts I do on my own too. My wife thinks I look both more muscular & leaner and I’ve noticed that I’m filling out my clothes more (and not around the stomach).”

DIscover your inner Strength

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Home Training is available in Leamington Spa, Warwick and Kenilworth.

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