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Does your well-being need a dose of energy, enthusiasm and FUN? Free Spirit Fitness Culture is comprised of a team of three Personal Trainers with 17 years combined training experience and together, we offer you the Ultimate Training Package.

 Being looked after by a team of Personal Trainers means that your Personal Training will be constantly varied and fresh! We offer expertise in everything from Weight loss to Muscle Building to Yoga – this means we can compile the perfect training package for you! 



We deliver home services in Leamington Spa, Warwick and small villages throughout Warwickshire so you don’t have to go anywhere. Increase your energy levels and feel better than ever! Get in touch today!

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Thai Yoga Massage discount for September and October!

The summer is always amazing for doing fun things and spending long days travelling, being in the great outdoors and seeing lots of family and friends. With kids off school and long work days, many of us will be approaching September feeling happy but somewhat exhausted! DO NOT FEAR, some therapy is here! 

I am offering a 10% discount (£81 for two) when you book and have two treatments in the months of September and October! This means you can have them as and when you like over the 8 weeks or alternatively, share the luxury with your partner/friend and enjoy an hour massage each, back to back. 

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What type of yoga is for YOU?

The Yoga world can be somewhat bamboozling so this blog is born out of wanting to breakdown into accessible non-yogi language, what kinds of yoga there are (this may help you if you are making decisions as to whether to try certain classes etc) and also to show why it is tricky to generalise when talking about yoga because there are so many different types, all of which offer a very different experience. 

Client Stories


I contacted Victoria in November of 2015.  We met and discussed my past experience of diet and exercise, my work, lifestyle, what I wanted to gain from working with a personal trainer and my attitude towards training.  My goals were to gain muscle, lose fat, generally feel fitter and maintain the battle against the aging process.

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Home Training is available in Leamington Spa, Warwick and Kenilworth.

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