Dumbbell Workout (15 mins)

Most people, if they have ever bought workout kit for home, have a pair of dumbbells kicking around somewhere! They might be Jane Fonda style pinks 1lb ones or the impressive stacks that you get that weigh up to 15kg...as long as you have a weight that gives you enough…


Kettlebell Workout (12 mins)

I love kettlebells! They are an amazing way of creating long lean muscle tissue and the majority of exercises involve a great deal of core activation due to the stabilisation required from the body. SO what does a short kettlebell workout provide? a release of endorphins - yay for happy…

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Swissball Workout (15 mins)

It is common knowledge that having a strong core is important for optimum health. What isn't often discussed is that no amount of stomach crunches will strengthen the most important core muscles: our DEEP core muscles. These are the muscles that attach to our pelvis and stabilise the spine all…

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Ab blitz (12 mins)

The stomach area is an area that many of us want to tone and strengthen. Modern day lifestyle, convenience foods and limited time for conditioning means that our body is in need of core training. This has an aesthetic appeal for sure but more importantly, strong core muscles protect our…

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Outdoor Personal Training and Yoga

We are pleased to announce that from Monday 6th July, we will be offering outdoor training and yoga to those of you that are keen to get in some face-to-face time with myself and the team! Guidelines are yet to say that we can come into your home (although I…

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Peachy bottoms home workout!

Does it matter whether you have strong muscles in your butt cheeks or not? Your glutes are very important muscles in your body because of their potential power and strength. They are a big muscle group and so have the capacity to support you in your daily life and whilst…

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Post-run Yoga Stretch

After hours indoors, it is so nice to get the heart rate up, the good chemicals flowing and be out in the arms of nature. I feel like nature feels our need right now and is currently showing off BIG STYLE with it's beauty and sunshine! It is very easy…

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Isolation Fitness Challenge

Are you READY?!! Because we are! What have we got for you? We have a gold AND a silver fitness challenge for you! If you aren't sure which one is best for you then try the silver and then the gold at a later date :) Each one comprises of…

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Muffin Top Melt & Tummy Tone – (with 3 easy video workouts!)

Most people have fat around their middle and it is normal to have some fat there! Although it is nice to have a six-pack or a washboard stomach, that requires a lifestyle (or lucky genetic gene pool) that isn’t realistic for most of us. To be able to see stomach…

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8 Reasons Why 40+ women should do Yoga!

Hormone Imbalances Yoga focuses your breathing which has a positive stimulating effect on your endocrine system, merely being on the mat and practicing ujjayi breathing (the yogic deep breathing that sounds a bit like quiet snoring!) will help balance the hormones.  Inverted poses such as headstands, handstands and shoulder stands also…

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