Sizzling Spicy Stir-fry

Busy days call for easy healthy food 😊 It is so tempting at the end of a long working day to reach for the takeaway menu, call deliveroo or pop a pizza in the oven but these are the days where we need MORE energy and BETTER food. We want…

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Summer Tuna Rice Salad

Sunshine days call for sunshine food ☀️☀️☀️ May sunshine starts to invite habits that we associate with long days and more time outside. We swap our winter warming dishes and roast dinners for mediterranean alternatives, bbqs and salads. The craving for lighter food is physiological - staying cool requires energy…

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Healthy Vegan Recipes (Fuel your fitness)

Get all the Nutrition your body needs! It is essential that whatever your food choices that you get all the nutrition that your body needs. It is great that opportunities for eating meat and dairy free are on the increase! I think many families are realising both the health and…

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Healthy Recipe Suggestions (Post Workout Fuel for Your Body)

Busy Lifestyle? Easy Healthy Eating! For most of us, healthy eating isn’t about education - we know what to eat but that our busy lifestyles make it difficult for us to have the mental space or physical time to organise things accordingly. Eating well requires three things: Getting a food…

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Pre & Post Workout Smoothies (for strength, energy & nutrients)

Want to get the most out of your fitness routine? Are you looking to lose weight? Tone up? Gain muscle? The most important part of any workout is fuel.  Your body needs to strength boosting, vitamin packed fuel to get you through your workout of choice. Smoothies are a simple…

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Food for Fitness: Healthy Post Workout Breakfast!

Healthy post-workout Breakfast: Banana, chia and oat porridge When it gets colder, I think you cannot beat a big comforting bowl of oats! The key to making it keep you fuller for longer is to make healthy additions boosting up the good fats and protein content of the meal.  Why…

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Food for Fitness: Quinoa SUPER salad

NOT a fan of Quinoa?? I am going to be really honest with you. Up till yesterday, I had very low feelings and enthusiasm about this grain that seems to have taken the health food market by storm! I have tried to several times before but each time, it seems…

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Healthy Sweet Treat Recipes

Sweet Treats Recipes The most sustainable diets are those that include all food groups in a moderate amount and your body will benefit when the majority of your food has lots of nutrients in! Food that is nutritionally dense tend to be whole foods - veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds and…

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Halloumi and Quinoa Recipe

Vegetarian Recipe It is the 21st century and anyone who is anyone worth knowing bathes in quinoa at least once a week! If this isn't you then here is your GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to join the cool kids! After all, quinoa isn't "just" cool, it is also super nutritious in that…

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Immune Boosting Soup

Sometimes catching the seasonal cold is inevitable but I still think it is worth doing our best to avoid it! Exercise helps boost our immune system so booking in those January PT sessions has already got you in good stead. The next thing you can do is fill up on…

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