Leg Exercises

For years, I really disliked my legs: I always thought they were fat and "too big"  and so in order to not make them bigger I did strength work only in my upper body. The result? A lean upper body and my legs? Still fat! So with this knowledge discovered…

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Table Top Squat

A gorgeous exercise for you folks! Great for your legs, core and arm strength! Requires a level of flexibility so go slow at first and be sure to warm the body up thoroughly before trying it out :)     Keep changing things...Keep the body guessing....Keep creating new movement. Victoria xx…

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Crab Kicks

This is great exercise for your core- that is your stomach, shoulders and bum! It also hits the backs of the legs quite nicely too :) Start with doing the easier version slowly building up to 10 kicks on each leg. When you have done that try the jump switch…

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