Leg Exercises

For years, I really disliked my legs: I always thought they were fat and "too big"  and so in order to not make them bigger I did strength work only in my upper body. The result? A lean upper body and my legs? Still fat! So with this knowledge discovered…

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Exercises for Great Posture

Poor posture is a modern day problem! What causes the rounding of the upper back? Sitting at desks, peering over computer screens, mobile phone use, long hours driving or commuting are often the main culprits. But what is happening in the body when this ‘poor posture’ develops?

The rounding of the upper back (often referred to as kyphosis) results in long and weak upper back muscles which don’t activate when we need them too and over time this means tight chest and shoulders which can limit shoulder mobility. Posture issues can develop to different degrees but if your back starts to round then the problem will only get worse unless you devote sometime to increasing strength, body awareness and over time, better posture!


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Core Blimey! It’s Christmas!

Are you starting to feel a bit less firm around the middle due to a few too many wines since the beginning of December? Free Spirit Trainer Martin has put together an awesome combination of moves to have you feeling tighter and lighter in no time at all 🙂 Don’t cheat on your reps now! Else Santa will not come!


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