Leg Exercises

For years, I really disliked my legs: I always thought they were fat and "too big"  and so in order to not make them bigger I did strength work only in my upper body. The result? A lean upper body and my legs? Still fat! So with this knowledge discovered…

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Yoga Pose of the Month: Triangle Pose

Sanskrit Name: Trikonasana The Yoga pose of the month is triangle Pose which is a standing pose often incorporated into classes of all levels. The sanskrit name Trikonasana comes from the root of the words 'tri' meaning three and 'kona' meaning angles. It is a strong and active pose, but…

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Beginner Swissball Workout

Hey Folks! As I am away for the next couple of weeks and there have been a fair few newbies last month I thought it would be good to leave you all a beautiful swissball workout to have a play with alongside the other joys I have left you :)…

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12 minute Kettlebell Hell for Arms, Core and Butt!

Hey guys, Here is one to try if you get a spare 15 minutes this week. Make sure you are warm before you start: 3 mins jogging or marching on the spot plus some super stretching should do the job :)     Break Down 1. Sit up to Stand…

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The pre-bank holiday workout!

This workout is great for energising you as the weight is light and the repetitions high. It focuses both on cardio intervals, leg and glute power whilst ensuring that the arms and core get a good blast too! It takes only 30 minutes and is designed to make you SWEAT…

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Crab Kicks

This is great exercise for your core- that is your stomach, shoulders and bum! It also hits the backs of the legs quite nicely too :) Start with doing the easier version slowly building up to 10 kicks on each leg. When you have done that try the jump switch…

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12 min body blitz

Start your day with an awesome 12 minute fat burning workout! Time to light that metabolism! set you timer to 50/10 (work for 50 secs and rest for 10 seconds)   1. Star Jumps 2. High knees/jog on the spot 3. Squat Jumps 4. Press Ups on toes or knees…

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