Leg Exercises

For years, I really disliked my legs: I always thought they were fat and "too big"  and so in order to not make them bigger I did strength work only in my upper body. The result? A lean upper body and my legs? Still fat! So with this knowledge discovered…

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Core Blimey! It’s Christmas!

Are you starting to feel a bit less firm around the middle due to a few too many wines since the beginning of December? Free Spirit Trainer Martin has put together an awesome combination of moves to have you feeling tighter and lighter in no time at all 🙂 Don’t cheat on your reps now! Else Santa will not come!


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30 mins Core and Arms

A quick weekend blitz for those of you wanting to work on strengthening arms and core. My legs were sore today (‘yippee!’ I hear you cry ;)) so I let them recover whilst still getting in a workout.

This workout requires nothing more than a medicine ball and a Swissball.


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Yoga Play!!!

The body knows what it needs. Go to the mat without agenda. Begin to move... Stretch the areas of the body that need opening. Make movements big....and then subtle.... All the time searching for space in the body. Twist when it feels natural to do so. Add  jumps to awaken…

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Beginner Swissball Workout

Hey Folks! As I am away for the next couple of weeks and there have been a fair few newbies last month I thought it would be good to leave you all a beautiful swissball workout to have a play with alongside the other joys I have left you :)…

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Want to increase your muscle tone?! There is NO SUCH THING.

Muscles can get bigger and they can get smaller. If muscles can ONLY get bigger and smaller, then what do we mean when we say we want to “tone up” our muscles? The Oxford Dictionary defines “muscle tone” as “The normal level of firmness or slight contraction in a resting…

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Table Top Squat

A gorgeous exercise for you folks! Great for your legs, core and arm strength! Requires a level of flexibility so go slow at first and be sure to warm the body up thoroughly before trying it out :)     Keep changing things...Keep the body guessing....Keep creating new movement. Victoria xx…

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Shoulder Press with handstand leg lifts!

Hello you awesome people! Here is your exercise of the week :) This is a great exercise to strengthen the whole body, especially your arms, shoulders and core muscles! Work hard through creative play. Your body is amazing. Connect and enjoy movement! Energise yourself, Victoria x

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Strong stomach combo!

Hey folks! Having a strong stomach helps support our lower back and therefore reduces our chances of lower back injury. Having a strong centre also encourages awesome posture and with that you walk into a room with grace and confidence...at least before the wine occurs anyhow! Sometimes simple but repetitive…

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