How to Burn Belly Fat – (in 3 easy videos!)

Stomach Crunches reduce belly fat, FACT or MYTH? Belly fat is often something that can hinder body confidence. For many of us, it is the area of the body that stores the most fat and this means that we have to choose clothes accordingly and are shy to strip down…

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Burn Arm Fat – with weights! (3 easy videos!)

Will I see quick results? Toned arms are often near the top of the body desires for both men and women, likely because they are a body part often on display throughout the year and the majority of photos include them! The good news is that arm strength can be…

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Why Intermittent Dieting Works!

Have you tried every Diet going? Welcome to the lady that has tried all diets and found that maintaining any of them indefinitely is pretty much impossible without having a rather miserable existence. Being hungry all the time is hideous and do I want a life without an occasional cheese…

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Stretch your stomach slim!

For many people, the stomach is the biggest problem area and our modern lifestyles do not help this. Increased stress, genetics disposition and posture changes mean that for a lot of people there is extra fat around their middle which is very tricky to shift...and no, 1000 stomach crunches a…

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The one thing that could be sabotaging your weight loss

If you’re eating and exercising right, but still not losing weight, could poor sleep be to blame?   Most of us realise that we’re probably not getting as much sleep as we should be. The story usually goes like this…you get home late from work, hustle together a quick dinner,…

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5 Life-Changing Food Fundamentals

For 8 years, I bounced from diet to diet- either steering the wagon or very much being dragged along behind by my ankle! I was always waiting for the moment I would feel elation like the feeling at the top of the mountain when you think “I’ve made it!” But I never got this feeling, because you can always think of ways in which you could be better and you can fantasise about how much happier you would be if you were skinnier, more toned, more this, less that etc. But actually I came to realise that the time to love yourself -and enjoy being you- is actually now. 


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The key to successful long-term weight loss

On a mission of weight loss, the majority of us have tried a diet of some sort at one point or another – we may have lasted hours, days or maybe a couple of weeks at best. Predictably, we can’t maintain the diet and we fall off the wagon with limbs flailing – probably into a large vat of gin or melted chocolate for those more that way inclined! We then hate and slate ourselves for being weak or alternatively concoct a multitude of made up stories as to why it didn’t work… (more…)

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Rav’s Success Story!

In January this year, I realised that I needed help to get “my old self back” – I’d well and truly fallen off the “wellbeing wagon” – the usual suspects – takeaways, convenience meals, snacks, way too much wine and with excessive working to top it off – I felt as though I had lost control of me!! 

Over the years, I’ve been pretty self motivated to eat well and exercise – I’ve never been into fad diets, but more so healthy living based on the 80/20 rule. But this time, I’d gained way too much weight, felt unhealthy, groggy and needed help to get back on track!  (more…)

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