Posture is EVERYTHING. It changes how you walk, your body shape and how your body moves. The changes that people see through corrective training techniques is astounding. Good posture is is your framework from which everything else hangs and depends on. Furthermore, it prevents the likelihood of injury and joint problems.

A strong and balanced body cannot be achieved without good posture. Bad posture generally means that some muscles are over worked and others are consistently lazy. This means that some muscles are too long and others too short which requires the beautiful partnership of strengthening and lengthening to achieve perfect alignment again.


Why is good posture extremely helpful for achieving a strong physique? Bad posture often breeds bad technique in strength training.  Potentially, this could mean that you are doing a shoulder exercise but in fact working your hips and lower back instead. More worryingly, your stronger muscles may become stronger and shorter whilst your weaker muscles remain long and weak, making your posture WORSE than when you started.


FSFC trainer Victoria Jones will ensure that you do weight training specific to what your body needs to achieve good posture and maintain a strong and balanced body. This knowledge will stay with you for life and is vital for you being able to train yourself successfully in the long-term. Furthermore, you walk down the street looking confident and sexier than ever before. Posture really is a big deal!

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