Muscles burn calories! Someone with a lot of muscle will burn more calories every workout AND more calories sitting in front of the tv than someone with less muscle. How cool is that?!

But why is this?! Muscles require energy to function (both to use and repair) therefore if you increase the amount of muscle you have, your body will need more energy every day. This means that over time, provided that you eat healthily and in the right quantities, your body will start to shed all the unwanted fat.


Being lighter and stronger makes it much easier to handle your bodyweight and do normal daily tasks. You’ll find that you can do more without getting tired and you’ll want to do more with your elevated energy levels! Furthermore, a strong body means that you are less likely to get injured as you improve joint stability.


Learning how to correctly handle weights increases movement awareness so that you are more aware of how you move, both in and out the gym. These healthy movement patterns protect the areas of your body that are vulnerable to injury in every day life so you are less likely to suffer from general aches and pains. You will be able to move easier and for longer periods of time!

A stronger body therefore means less fat, less pain and more energy!!! Woohoo!!!

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