It is important that you also take the time to lengthen your muscles during and between workouts. In doing so, you also increase recovery time and the rate at which you can progress – the quicker you recover between workouts, the better and more frequently you can train!

Being supple helps transfer the fitness you establish in the gym or at home to your daily life. The body is involved in all sorts of movements in your daily life. It isn’t so much as rigid square movements but lots of twists and turns during house DIY or looking after your kids. You need to be strong in ALL positions, and to be so your body needs to be flexible and malleable.

You are also more likely to injure yourself if your body is tight. While the body needs to be supple for daily actions, our everyday repetitive actions are also responsible for imbalances. This is because we are all creatures of habit. For instance, we get out of bed on the same side, get in the car from the same side, carry the kids on the same side etc. A tight body is a ticking time bomb and you could end up pulling a muscle in your back when picking a pen off the floor!

You want to be strong AND mobile which means having a degree of elasticity in your body that allows and supports a large range of movements.

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