Health & Fitness Challenge:
New Year, New You 2020

Health & Fitness Challenge from Free Spirit Fitness

How can I set myself up for success?

Most of us contemplate our new fitness regime in the new year whilst half way through a box of quality street around the Christmas period. We all mean well! But how do we turn our new year energy and enthusiasm into a long-term sustainable exercise plan

The key is to have short term goals by thinking of the year as multiple short periods of time. Some people break the year up by holidays or work events, others may feel that the seasons are more of a factor. However you do it, decide on your goals for that period so that you keep focused and motivated. This January plan is designed to help you kick-start the year. You may feel that it is more than you can sustain but you can make new goals for February at the end of the four weeks based on logistics and how you feel both physically and mentally. 
Each workout contains exercises that you can modify to suit your current ability and you can easily make it harder or easier as required. I advise that you go easier than you think you need to for the first workout and see how you feel the next day. You can judge by the amount you ache whether you can push more or not. Remember that your plan is to train three times a week with some cardio activity around that so you don’t want to ache so much that the quantity feels a struggle! 
If the goals I have set feel too hard then make your OWN goals. Make your goals realistic so that you can achieve them and feel good about it. This will then lead to a positive cycle of setting and achieving goals, separating yourself from the majority of people who feel disappointed after not being able to maintain their initial exercise push. 
Good luck and enjoy moving, it is a privilege! 
Victoria x

Week 1 - 2 mins work / 1 min rest

Week 2 - 3 mins work / 1 min rest

Week 3 - 4 mins work / 1 min rest

Week 3 - 4 mins work / 1 min rest

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Feel Fitter Already!

I wanted to improve my fitness levels as well as my health. I signed up to Free Spirit Fitness health & fitness challenge and I loved it. The first week was amazing, I could do most of the moves and I felt exhilarated at the end. Wonderful way to start the new year! Looking forward to being fitter and most of all healthier.
- Andrea Rainsford

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