Over the years, we have noticed that our clients’ needs range from high-activity training to gentler and more nourishing sessions. In addition to yoga, we have decided to expand our wellbeing package and are happy to say that Free Spirit Fitness Culture now offers Thai Yoga Massages!

We believe in balance: balance of the “‘Yang’, activity that requires energy, and the ‘Yin’, activity that replenishes both mind and body. By doing a blend of restorative and high-energy sessions, your training will be consistent and therefore keep you motivated throughout the year.

Thai Massage releases deep muscular tension and helps with tightness and mis-alignment present in the body. Our Thai Massage is gentle and not as you may have experienced it in Thailand: the techniques learnt in the UK are in line with our perception that sometimes “no pain=more gain”. Often, pain encourages tension and tightness. We are all about creating that super-relaxed form of being where muscles can relax, which then allow for a more effective massage.


The benefits of thai massage go beyond flexibility improvement and tension release: it relieves energy blockages in the body, while also helping with circulation, stress reduction or to fight depression.

Get in touch with Victoria now to book a session and experience the full range of benefits! 🙂

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