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Our complete Personal Training service includes home workouts, gym workouts, personal training as well as yoga classes & nutritional advice in Warwick & Leamington Spa.

Are you looking to lose weight, build muscle, or simply get healthy? You can achieve your personal health and fitness goals with Free Spirit Fitness. We work with people of all fitness levels and age groups, so you are in great hands with our experienced team. 

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Why Choose Free Spirit Fitness?

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Where do you personal training sessions take place?

We deliver Personal Training, Yoga and Nutritional Coaching in: 
Leamington Spa, Warwick, Kenilworth, Gaydon, Coventry, Bishops Itchington, Harbury, Whitnash, Warwick Gates and other small villages throughout Warwickshire! 
Home training means,you can pop your gym clothes on, train for an hour and then carry on with your day.

How do I Book a personal training session?

Booking sessions with us is easy. We offer flexible training sessions between 7am until 9pm Monday – Friday, with weekend sessions also available. Training is recommended 2-3 times per week to get the most out of the sessions and get great results.
A large number of our long-term clients train throughout the year, however we also welcome clients who require a bespoke training programme, before a special event or holiday.


What can I expect from a training session?

All sessions are tailored to your individual goals & needs.  Our personal trainers and coaches are fully qualified & experienced. 
Well-being is about feeling good and confident, however, our needs change daily! Therefore, it is important your training regime is flexible. You get stronger and fitter over time whilst avoiding burn out, fatigue and injury.

“One stone lighter, 20 times stronger and 100 times happier with my fitness thanks to 12 months with Freespirit Fitness!”

Mary Dunn

Personal Training in Your Home

Why train in a gym environment when you can train in the comfort of your own home or the great outdoors! Leave the commute for the office, and let us come to you!

Yoga Classes Near You

Fitness means different things to different people. For some, being fit is to squat with ease, run 5km without a break, or yoga for an hour each day. We meet you at the level you are currently at, and push you gently to help you reach your fullest potential. 

Bespoke Fitness Programmes

The most effective workout is one you enjoy doing! Fortunately we have this covered, by providing you with fun, energising fitness programmes in the comfort of your own home.Our fitness programmes incorporate all movements natural to us: sitting, lunging (striding forward), twisting, pushing and pulling. These movements evolve from light bodyweight exercises into increasingly challenging strength, flexibility and balance work.

"Freespirit has by far the best personal trainers I’ve ever worked with. They catered each session to my needs and abilities and always pushed me. I couldn’t recommend Victoria and her team more highly"


Free Spirit Success Stories

Personal Training Success Story

David Moffatt

You have Parkinson’s Disease

For the previous half hour the specialist had pushed and pulled my limbs about and had me writing endlessly long scripts and telling the time on different clocks.  I knew little about Parkinson’s, other than being appalled once at seeing Mohammed Ali receiving a trophy which he could barely keep in his grasp – that once supreme athlete reduced to a shaking wreck by Parkinson’s.

‘You look a bit taken aback’ said the specialist. My instinctive response would have been ‘well, wouldn’t you, if you had just been told that you had an incurable, progressive disease of the brain’. But I’m a polite person and could only mumble something to the effect that I had always kept fit and thought this should have protected me from such morbidities. The specialist responded that if I had been less fit my symptoms would probably have been more acute by this stage and he was keen that I started immediately on medication.

About six months before that fateful diagnosis I had decided that I needed help with exercising .  I had always tried to keep fit and had a small gym at home with a good array of equipment. I did a lot of cycling, and with my wife we walked the hills and moors of Northumberland. I kept detailed records of my performance which seemed to confirm that I was certainly not improving and was possibly going backwards. I felt that I was putting in considerable effort for little gain and decided the answer was to work for a while with a professional trainer who could help to make my training more appropriate and effective.

Personal Training Success Story

Mark & Sue

A Tail of Two Bunnies!!

Our story with Free spirit begins in September 2015, but our story with training goes back many more years. As a couple now in our early fifties we have always been relatively active – raising a family, playing golf, walking the dogs, but always knew there was little real cardio involved, let alone proper stretching. We also knew we were both a little over-weight and would benefit from a healthier diet. However, this all only lead to regular New Years’ resolutions to eat better, exercise more, join a gym – or all three – but none were ever fulfilled.

So fast forward to 2015, and as our two sons had both completed university and so were moving out, the empty nest beckoned and with it some more free time and the opportunity to reset our lifestyle. This was helped by our elder son, being a fit cyclist and rower, accusing us of being ‘overweight, unfit and likely to die of a heart attack at any minute’.  

Feel Better. Move Better. Live Better.

If you are looking to take control of your health, and lose weight, build strength or transform
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