Easy Yoga flow (40 mins)

Yoga is medicine for the body! Whether we do it for hours every week or just small sections of 15-20 minutes, making that time to move and connect with your body has huge health benefits. 

The deep breathing encouraged in your yoga practice stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system, reducing cortisol in the body and making you feel calmer and more grounded in your mind. Vinyasa yoga means that your postures are seamlessly linked together keeping you present in each moment. 

As you cultivate your practice you will start to treasure this time as time for you to self reflect or to purely “just be” – a small oasis in the busy modern world where you don’t have to answer to anyone. Many clients come to me for the physical benefits of practicing yoga such as strength and flexibility improvements and are delighted by the other opportunities that yoga offers up. It can be really life-changing! 


Do you know that we now do online courses too?

If you want to do more yoga but are finding it hard to find the time then my online yoga programme Yoga21 is for you. The classes are all mapped out for you to easily select and follow. You can do them at a time of day that suits you: making small windows of time for self-care makes a huge difference to how you feel in your body. 

Here is a short yoga sequence that you can do to get you started. Try to do it at least three times a week for three weeks to really start to feel what a regular guided yoga practice might feel like. Feel free to share this with your friends or family – it is fun to get more people involved in being healthy and moving well.  

If you enjoyed this video and would like to watch more, then check out our online video library. There are lots of yoga and workout videos for you to do in the comfort of your own home! 

If you feel like you would benefit from some 1-to-1 support then click on the button below to book yourself in for a complementary consultation. We can then decide the best way forward for your fitness together.

Enjoy your time on the mat,  

Victoria x 

Victoria Mairiaux-Jones

I'm a Personal Trainer dedicated to improving my clients health and fitness. I work with people of all ages and levels of fitness, across Leamington, Warwick and Warwickshire. Lose Weight and get fit with Free Spirit Fitness Culture.

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