Holiday workout (20 mins)

You deserve to feel good when you are away! Being away might also mean that there is MORE time for you which could mean getting in a few extra workouts that will boost those feel-good endorphins.

Here at Free Spirit, supporting our clients at home AND away is so important! This is why there are always a collection of workouts and yoga sequences that you can do on the website wherever you are in the world 🙂 

I love travelling and feel that travel, time-away and fitness is actually a magical blend guaranteed to boost the energy system and the self-esteem. We thrive when we move often and eat well. Getting those fundamentals back in place on holiday helps us re-establish those important foundations for both well-being and happiness!

What might my holiday fitness routine look like?

Having said that if you have been training at high intensity for a period of time, your holiday might be a good opportunity to reduce the intensity of your exercise program to allow for some extra recovery. Get the balance right and you can relax most of the time whilst still keeping the body activated and feeling strong! You can taper down training intensity by doing shorter sessions (no longer than 30 minutes) or steady state cardio sessions at a lower intensity (LISS) where you can easily talk and admire the views at the same time. 

Below I have recorded for you an 18 minute workout designed to keep all your muscles fired up whilst you are away. You can take this to the hotel gym or pop a resistance band in your suitcase!

When is the best time to train? I like to train first thing in the morning or mid morning when I’m on holiday so that I can relax from lunch time onwards knowing that I have done my exercise! I also enjoy doing some random activities that perhaps you wouldn’t do at home – it could be water aerobics or beach volleyball – along with a short workout and perhaps a nice easy run. Whatever  you choose, the body will thank you for some movement and the great news is that it makes the food taste better too! 


Holiday workout for you ❤️

Here is your 20 minute holiday workout:

1 min (use interval timer on phone app):

1) Deadlifts

2) Single leg Deadlifts (one side)

3) Single leg Deadlifts (second side)

4) Tricep Dips

5) Deadbugs

6) L sit ups

Looking for more of a sweat? add 7) jumping jacks and 8) burpee…

x3 GO GO GO!!!!

Please modify as you need to and stop if an exercise is causing you any pain. There will be uncomfortable moments but it shouldn’t be painful at all! 

Think about how you will feel on the way home: what will you be proud of doing? How do you want to feel when you get home? Enjoy the movement that you do and have gratitude for your amazing body!  

Wishing you a wonderful holiday full of happiness and health!

I am rooting for you,

Victoria xx

ps. If you prefer to train live with one of our amazing trainers then you can use zoom or facetime too. Check out our packages below or contact us to book a free consultation

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