Stomach HIIT (10 mins)

Who doesn't want a stronger stomach? Being able to sit up with ease should be something that we can all easily do. However, modern lifestyles involving too much of the wrong kind of food and not enough exercise means that it is difficult for many of us. Having a stronger…

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Arms and Core Workout (15 mins)

Are you still sore from your run or long walk yesterday? Or maybe you want to tone your upper body but the knees are sore? Here is your dream come true! At Freespirit, we are used to adapting training sessions to reduce the strain on certain parts of your body…

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Dumbbell Workout (15 mins)

Most people, if they have ever bought workout kit for home, have a pair of dumbbells kicking around somewhere! They might be Jane Fonda style pinks 1lb ones or the impressive stacks that you get that weigh up to long as you have a weight that gives you enough…

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Kettlebell Workout (12 mins)

I love kettlebells! They are an amazing way of creating long lean muscle tissue and the majority of exercises involve a great deal of core activation due to the stabilisation required from the body. SO what does a short kettlebell workout provide? a release of endorphins - yay for happy…

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Swissball Workout (15 mins)

It is common knowledge that having a strong core is important for optimum health. What isn't often discussed is that no amount of stomach crunches will strengthen the most important core muscles: our DEEP core muscles. These are the muscles that attach to our pelvis and stabilise the spine all…

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Ab blitz (12 mins)

The stomach area is an area that many of us want to tone and strengthen. Modern day lifestyle, convenience foods and limited time for conditioning means that our body is in need of core training. This has an aesthetic appeal for sure but more importantly, strong core muscles protect our…

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When I started training with Victoria in January 2012 I never imagined that six years on I would still be training with her and more recently, with other members of her team. Then, it was all about making better use of the time that I devoted to keeping myself fit. We did this by working through a properly designed and managed exercise programme. It still is, but now we have a few more goals to incorporate! 

The meticulous attention to detail becomes even more important as the ageing process makes ever-changing demands. More than ever, I have learned the importance of listening to my body and we make sure that our training regimes provide what the body needs. Exercise books filled with programmes and plans are testimony to the detailed attention that has been given to meeting my specific and ever-changing needs.


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