10 years Personal Training
6 years Yoga Teacher
Specialist in Strength & Flexibility Work
Bodyweight Training & Posture Improvement
Teaches Yoga Classes and Workshops

I have been Personal Training now since 2009. My motivation to become a Personal Trainer stemmed from the love of the new-found freedom I found from losing weight and enjoying my body in my latter years at university. I changed my psychology from wanting to make my body look a certain way to wanting it to be able to perform simple tasks like running, squatting and press-ups. Feeling good in your body is totally life changing and I love supporting people through their own journeys of fitness and self-discovery.

Feeling good in your body is totally life changing and I love supporting people through their own journeys of fitness and self-discovery.

As a lover of doing all activities, I very soon realised that energy is something that cannot just be given out, it needs to be balanced. The combination of this and wanting to do more with the strength I had achieved in the gym lead to my passion for Yoga and all the joys that come with it: a calmer mind, a better focus and an increased perspective of self-worth. I did my first yoga training in 2013 and am trained in both the practice of Hatha and Vinyasa Flow.

I enjoy working with people of all different ages and fitness levels. An increased level of body knowledge and self-awareness brings ripples of progress to all individuals. We are all inevitably bound by our own self-beliefs and life perspective. It is amazing to witness change as those boundaries and self-beliefs grow and expand beyond that which the individual ever thought possible.


2018 was marked by the birth of my first baby. Being pregnant and giving birth were life changing experiences for me. The expectations I had for my body were surpassed and some surprising psychological challenges arose during that time. Motherhood is such a wonderful, but sometimes difficult period in a woman’s life and I am committed to supporting other women through their own journey. I was trained in pre and post-natal yoga by Sally Parkes in December 2017 and am looking forward to doing a fitness qualification for this specialist area later this year.

After taking some time to focus on my son, I’m happy to be delivering sessions again to the Freespirit clients and supporting our wonderful FSFC team in delivering the best fitness service in Warwickshire.

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