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Exercise for better body and mind

Knowing your worth and feeling confident in your skin is everything you deserve. I can help you shine again!

I have always loved how exercise and movement benefits not only your body but your mind as well. I’ve seen first hand and through personal experiences how it can improve someone’s mental health, self-esteem and positively impact their mindset. For me, it has been life-changing.

Helping people improve their confidence and self-esteem is a huge passion of mine - the benefits just ripple out.

How has it changed me? I used to go through periods of feeling up and down, like everyone does, but it started to get more frequent and more intense, feeling like I had a constant battle with how I felt about myself and my image. One month I was all in, hammering the gym and diet and the next month I was completely off the wagon. This constant push and pull was very stressful, both mentally and physically. The more I thought about why it was happening the more I started to connect with the reasons behind me wanting to get fitter. Once I found my deeper WHY I realised that I could actually stay at a consistent middle ground and feel 100% better in myself.

If you also struggle with achieving a balance, then I am the trainer for you! Together, we will work out a plan that is both enjoyable and sustainable so that your exercise routine can be something that is consistent through the ups and downs that life naturally brings. I will support you in improving your confidence and together we can find your WHY 🙂


I am passionate about weight lifting and encouraging people to really connect with the muscles they are working. If you can get the weight and the speed right, then you’ll fit the sweet spot for maximum burn. A lot of my clients train  two or three hours and it’s really important that we make the most of every single session!

I look forward to helping you on your fitness journey. Better body and better mind – the ultimate wellbeing experience!

See you soon,

Chey x





Feel better, move better, live better.

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