Golf Warm Up

Why warm up for your golf game? Like most sports, golf demands a lot from your body in terms of power and mobility. Add to that often a lot of walking whilst carrying your clubs on one shoulder and you have a very unbalanced workout! Ideally then the next time…


PURE legs workout (15 mins)

Leg strength is essential to our wellbeing! Why? The muscles in our legs are the biggest muscle group in our whole body therefore they have the biggest impact on our overall strength, mobility and joint health. They are the foundations for correct movement patterns. If they work well and support…


Healthy hot lunch Shakshuka!

Delicious baked eggs are an excellent lunch choice to warm the bones and get your nutrients in!

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Mellow Yoga (15 mins)

Feeling stressed and a bit anxious? Use this calm yoga sequence to ground yourself giving you that wholesome feeling of calm.

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Stomach HIIT (10 mins)

Who doesn't want a stronger stomach? Being able to sit up with ease should be something that we can all easily do. However, modern lifestyles involving too much of the wrong kind of food and not enough exercise means that it is difficult for many of us. Having a stronger…

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Healthy Back Yoga (10 mins)

Is your back sore? Feeling tight and uncomfortable? Here is a short and sweet yoga sequence you can do daily to help relieve it.

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Arms and Core Workout (15 mins)

Are you still sore from your run or long walk yesterday? Or maybe you want to tone your upper body but the knees are sore? Here is your dream come true! At Freespirit, we are used to adapting training sessions to reduce the strain on certain parts of your body…

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