Yoga Meditation (15 mins)

What is the benefit of meditation? Breathing deeply has a wonderful effect on both the mind and body. When the body breathes deeply, the brain recognises that all is well and we are safe. It is the "off button" to our natural stress response. This focus is needed more now…

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Hip Opening Yoga Sequence

There are several reasons why your hips may be tight: in could be sport-induced (if you like running or cycling), lifestlye-induced (if you have a sedentary job or sit alot) or due to weak core muscles. Some people also think that we hold our emotions in our hips so if…

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Outdoor Personal Training and Yoga

We are pleased to announce that from Monday 6th July, we will be offering outdoor training and yoga to those of you that are keen to get in some face-to-face time with myself and the team! Guidelines are yet to say that we can come into your home (although I…

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Hip flexor Yoga Sequence (15 mins)

The tricky thing about having tight hip flexors is that we often  don't realise that they are tight! For years I trained in gyms doing loads of squats, burpees and any other exercise I could get my hands on! Over time, I started to get really sore knees and assumed…

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Hamstring Strech Yoga Sequence

Tight hamstrings are an issue for so many people! Some people feel no discomfort, but notice that they are restricted in their range of movement and any stretch can feel quite uncomfortable. Others may feel more frequent discomfort and pain in their every day life due to the tension there.…

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Yoga Video for Weight Loss (and a heathy heart)

Can Yoga help you lose weight? Can Yoga help you lose weight?! To be honest, it really depends why or how you became overweight to start with. Generally speaking, yoga will help you lose weight if you are overweight for any of the reasons below: 1. Sedentary lifestyle 2. Slow metabolism 3.…

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8 Reasons Why 40+ women should do Yoga!

Hormone Imbalances Yoga focuses your breathing which has a positive stimulating effect on your endocrine system, merely being on the mat and practicing ujjayi breathing (the yogic deep breathing that sounds a bit like quiet snoring!) will help balance the hormones.  Inverted poses such as headstands, handstands and shoulder stands also…

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Festive Yoga Class (Merry Christmas!!)

Merry Christmas Everyone! For many of us, this time of year is a time of hibernation: Christmas movies and staying in your pjs for as long as is hygienically viable! Your usual fitness classes might not be running, your PT may be on holiday and the family walk is waiting…

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Yoga Poses – Learn the basics (step by step videos)

Always wanted to practice Yoga? Whether you are totally new to yoga or started a while back, our course has lots to offer you. 4 weeks of teaching you the basics with video step by step Yoga poses followed by a practice Vinyasa classes each week.  Yoga poses broken down!…

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