Client Testimonials

I have trained with Victoria and for the past 10 years and I can say in all honesty it had been the best training experience I’ve had. Victoria has tailored my sessions to the various health and physical needs that life brings and in the current lockdown situation she has once again risen to the challenge.

Training on zoom has been an excellent way of continuing my workouts and Victoria has made the experience stimulating and fun. Being able to continue training whilst in lockdown has also encouraged me to do a couple of extra sessions whilst I have the time. The online support the Free spirit team provide means I can log on and choose a video workout or yoga session that suits my mood, or the time I have available.

In my opinion Free-spirit culture are an amazing group of people who have their clients best interests at heart and cover all aspects of your wellbeing. I would highly recommend! 

Miriam Bannon

Miriam Bannon

October 2020 

Victoria is an inspiration, who I would highly recommend to anybody seeking a healthy balanced lifestyle through yoga. Not only are the one-to-one sessions fun with Victoria, I have definitely seen a Significant improvement in my body shape and all round wellness. I can’t thank Victoria enough and I will continue to practice yoga with free spirit fitness for as long as I can! Thanks team!

Naomi Evans

September 2020 

I started training with Free Spirit fitness in June 2019 and have found my weekly sessions to be rewarding and as enjoyable as these things can be!

I’m very overweight and so there are certain things I can’t do but Free Spirit have always been considerate and kind. I’ve never felt judged about how I look or what I can or can’t do. The team tailor each session to support and challenge me without it feeling impossible.

They care about my welfare and make time to ensure I’m ok mentally and physically. One of my favourite things about Free Spirit is the variety. I hate the idea of doing the same thing week in, week out and I’ve never had to do that with Free Spirit. Each week is different, building on previous exercises and introducing new ones.

The mix of trainers helps too so there’s always new ideas to try. I would thoroughly recommend Free Spirit to anyone and everyone. Don’t be too scared to reach out and try. They will support you no matter what you’re looking for fitness wise.

India Palmer

September 2020 

I never considered a personal fitness trainer until I found myself the sole, full time carer for my husband, unable to attend my usual yoga classes. I started working with Victoria about 6 months ago and wonder why on earth I didn’t do this long ago. I really look forward to our sessions. They are fun but challenging. It didn’t take Victoria long to find my limits and push me to them! As we hit lockdown, we moved from home visits to Zoom and from pure yoga to ‘yogafit’ in order to include a wider range of fitness issues.

Instead of deteriorating as I might have done during this period, I feel energised, stronger, fitter and more motivated than ever….and I’m not getting any younger so that’s saying something! I love the personal aspect of training, the constant words of encouragement, that sessions are tailored to whatever I want and/or need and that I am being shown the proper and safe techniques for movement.

The online support is great too – from messaging to answer even the silliest of queries I might have or to give advice about equipment or exercise, to the really helpful online video sessions that I try to find some spare moments to do between our weekly meetings. Even as my circumstances might change in the future, I can’t imagine going back now. Thank you, Victoria!

Jane Oliver 

August 2020 

Simon and I have been training with Free Spirit Fitness as a couple for 6/7 months now and we absolutely love it. We personally hate exercising and with our busy work schedules it always gets put off. We also have a number of health issues between us, which makes us worry if we train alone, as we fear we will hurt ourselves. We love having a trainer that comes to our house, that way we can’t get out of it haha!

It’s super convenient, but ultimately, having someone who can adapt exercises to suit our needs is what is most valuable. We feel stronger than ever and it’s so lovely as we have a little support network with our trainers. They are far more than trainers and have helped us overcome so much! Can’t thank the team at Free Spirit Fitness enough 🙂 

Sonia Audhali 

May 2020

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