Hamstring Strech Yoga Sequence

Tight hamstrings are an issue for so many people! Some people feel no discomfort, but notice that they are restricted in their range of movement and any stretch can feel quite uncomfortable. Others may feel more frequent discomfort and pain in their every day life due to the tension there. If you are suffering now or have been for a long time, then it is definitely worth incorporating regular yoga into your life to see if that brings any relief. Worth noting though that the tightness may also be due to other imbalances in your body and therefore you might have to stretch other parts of your body to in order to bring your body back to pain-free alignment. 

What causes tight hamstrings?

Many things can contribute towards tight hamstrings, but the most common cause is a sedentary day job. You might be really active at weekends and exercise several times a week but if you sit for several hours consistently in the day then your hamstrings are used to being in their shortened, contracted form! Taking extra time to get up every couple of hours as well as stretching and strengthening will help. 

What else can I do?

Stretching the front of your thighs can help if your pelvis tilts forward. This opening of the front of the body can help bring your pelvis back into a neutral position. Long weak muscles are not conducive for long-term healthy movement so it is essential that you also strengthen the hamstrings and glutes (bum muscles). A strong core, particularly lower abdomen muscles will also help support a healthy neutral posture. Keep your eyes peeled for future blogs as I will address all of these in over the coming weeks.

Awareness, consistency and quality is key. Please do let me know if you need any further support or guidance.  
Breathe deeply and remember that all is coming,
Victoria x

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