Yoga Poses – Learn the basics (step by step videos)

Always wanted to practice Yoga?

Whether you are totally new to yoga or started a while back, our course has lots to offer you. 4 weeks of teaching you the basics with video step by step Yoga poses followed by a practice Vinyasa classes each week. 

Yoga poses broken down!

In our 4 week programme, we break down 3 poses each week into a step by step video. We show you the correct form, posture, breathe and much more.  We show you how to perform the poses correctly to get the most out of your Yoga practice.

Beginners Yoga Course

The first video each week will always be a tutorial on how to set up and truly experience some of the most common yoga postures. There will be more detail than you are likely to get in any class, and the pace is designed to be nice and steady so you can check that everything is where it should be. 

Do not worry about getting it perfect! As long as it feels good to you and nothing hurts, then you are doing great. This first video in each course is designed with the total beginner in mind, but may also be of interest to more experienced yogis due to the level of detail included. The first video in each course includes a small flow at the end so that you can experience and practice transitioning in and out of the postures. 

The second video is a Vinyasa flow sequence that holds many different postures for 3 to 5 breaths. The idea is that you move smoothly from one to the next without a break. This makes the practice a little more cardiovascular and of course, a little more physically demanding! Hello muscles!!

If you are totally new then you may feel that the first video is enough. I would like to stress that the second video in each course is optional, NOT compulsory. The idea is that you can continue the course without doing the sequences but, if you would rather skip the tutorials instead and go straight for the pure yoga flow then that is possible too!

Why do YOGA??

But why do yoga? There are lots of great reasons:

  • Improve strength and flexibility
  • Reduce stress and tension
  • Achieve and maintain a healthy weight
  • Connect to your body
  • Improve blood pressure and circulation
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Feel good and happier in yourself 

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Can I come to a class?

I am not teaching classes at the moment with the intention of building up my online video library so that I can offer more support to you guys at home. Let me know if you would like a yoga session that focuses on something in particular and I will add it to my schedule .

What are we currently offering?

If you are interested in 1 to 1 session, yoga sessions with your partner/family or with a group of pals then contact us! We are really excited to now offer corporate classes too so if you would like us to come to your work place to offer you and your colleagues a 45 minute lunch time stretch out then drop us an email. Places are being booked up so act soon if you are keen!

Delighted to support you on your yoga journey,

Love and light,

Victoria xx

Client Testimonial

” Free Spirit works for me!! I’m back on track, and feel much leaner, healthier and brighter … eating well, exercising and enjoying being back in control of me!! I’d have no hesitation in recommending Free Spirit!! “

Rav Johal

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