Mellow Yoga (15 mins)

Feeling stressed and a bit anxious? Use this calm yoga sequence to ground yourself giving you that wholesome feeling of calm.

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Healthy Back Yoga (10 mins)

Is your back sore? Feeling tight and uncomfortable? Here is a short and sweet yoga sequence you can do daily to help relieve it.

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Core Yoga Sequence (20 mins)

A nice yoga sequence that you can do at home, designed to strengthen your core muscles and stretch the areas that feel tight.

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Yoga Meditation (15 mins)

What is the benefit of meditation? Breathing deeply has a wonderful effect on both the mind and body. When the body breathes deeply, the brain recognises that all is well and we are safe. It is the "off button" to our natural stress response. This focus is needed more now…

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Hip Opening Yoga Sequence

There are several reasons why your hips may be tight: in could be sport-induced (if you like running or cycling), lifestlye-induced (if you have a sedentary job or sit alot) or due to weak core muscles. Some people also think that we hold our emotions in our hips so if…

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Hip flexor Yoga Sequence (15 mins)

The tricky thing about having tight hip flexors is that we often  don't realise that they are tight! For years I trained in gyms doing loads of squats, burpees and any other exercise I could get my hands on! Over time, I started to get really sore knees and assumed…

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Hamstring Strech Yoga Sequence

Tight hamstrings are an issue for so many people! Some people feel no discomfort, but notice that they are restricted in their range of movement and any stretch can feel quite uncomfortable. Others may feel more frequent discomfort and pain in their every day life due to the tension there.…

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Post-run Yoga Stretch

After hours indoors, it is so nice to get the heart rate up, the good chemicals flowing and be out in the arms of nature. I feel like nature feels our need right now and is currently showing off BIG STYLE with it's beauty and sunshine! It is very easy…

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