Breaking bad habits

We all know that the key to success in fitness and body change is consistency: a very tricky notion for naturally inconsistent beings! On good days, wellbeing (treating ourselves well) is an easy task, but there are always days where we don’t feel so good and doing well for ourselves seems totally against our natural inclination. (more…)

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What’s new 2018?!

After all the Christmas indulgence, most of us are longing for some nutrition and wellness. It is amazing how quickly you feel energised when you start exercising and eating greens regularly again! January can be dark and cold and the ‘Christmas slump with all the sugary pick-me-ups’ will continue on if you don’t fight the feeling!

So what new things have WE got to offer you this year? I’m happy to report there are rather a few! (more…)

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Core Blimey! It’s Christmas!

Are you starting to feel a bit less firm around the middle due to a few too many wines since the beginning of December? Free Spirit Trainer Martin has put together an awesome combination of moves to have you feeling tighter and lighter in no time at all 🙂 Don’t cheat on your reps now! Else Santa will not come!


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