Post-run Yoga Stretch

After hours indoors, it is so nice to get the heart rate up, the good chemicals flowing and be out in the arms of nature. I feel like nature feels our need right now and is currently showing off BIG STYLE with it's beauty and sunshine! It is very easy…

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Your winter survival yoga course

Struggling to leave the duvet? Straining to see in the dark?! Join us for our six week winter yoga course designed to recharge your muscles and bones ready for the brighter months ahead. We can use this time wisely - in winter, restoration is very natural! Active restoration (the type you…

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Yoga Pose of the month: Uttanasana

Sanskrit name: Uttanasana English name: Standing Forward Fold Pose The Yoga pose of the month is standing forward fold pose and goes by the sanskrit name of  'Uttanasana.' It is a great pose to do within a yoga practice or at the end of a long day. It can be…

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What’s new 2018?!

After all the Christmas indulgence, most of us are longing for some nutrition and wellness. It is amazing how quickly you feel energised when you start exercising and eating greens regularly again! January can be dark and cold and the ‘Christmas slump with all the sugary pick-me-ups’ will continue on if you don’t fight the feeling!

So what new things have WE got to offer you this year? I’m happy to report there are rather a few! (more…)

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