As my weight increased I really forgot about eating healthily and any exercise whatsoever other than a short walk was a definite no no. Crunch time came for me when I had difficulty putting on my shoes or cutting my toenails….then a trip to Australia loomed.

I needed help to get moving again and searching the internet found Victoria….my angel from heaven(and hell as the exercise started).

Was very surprised to learn that i did not walk on my heels and as a result my pelvis was tilted incorrectly and my hamstrings were exceedingly tight. Learning to walk correctly with better posture was something I would never have known without the benefit of a trainer. My joy was great when this week i was able to touch my toes with straight legs….could hardly believe it. Thanks to Victoria I am doing daily exercises stretching my legs. Extra benefit is that my young grandson also walks on his toes and as a result has knee pain and was off football last year is interested now in learning to walk correctly and stretch his hamstrings! It must be a hereditary thing.

Victoria has also helped greatly with portion control when it comes to food….not an easy thing . Has taken me quite a while to get that under control .Periodically have fallen off the wagon and stuffed my face with chocolate ,pizza bread and anything sugary. Have found it extremely helpful talking about what to eat.

Walking is easy now and it was not that long ago that walking up a flight of stairs left me breathless and thinking I would pass out if there were any more stairs!

For a number of years now have not gone anywhere as I was embarrassed by my weight and fitness….all that is changing as my body gets fitter and stronger . Have even bought some new clothes that I like…being obese it was depressing to buy clothes as I knew I looked awful.

Have lost 30lbs so far and ideally will lose another 20lbs this year as a trip to Australia is on the cards for December…This year my sister there will not be shocked at my weight or fitness.

I owe Victoria a great debt for I would never have pushed myself as hard as she does me….I used to dread working out but as time moves on am now rather enjoying it.I am very surprised that exercises I found very difficult are now not exactly a piece of cake but doable with enjoyment rather than thinking all the time she must be kidding especially if we do a second set! Thankyou a a STAR!!!!!


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