When I started training with Victoria in January 2012 I never imagined that six years on I would still be training with her and more recently, with other members of her team. Then, it was all about making better use of the time that I devoted to keeping myself fit. We did this by working through a properly designed and managed exercise programme. It still is, but now we have a few more goals to incorporate! 

The meticulous attention to detail becomes even more important as the ageing process makes ever-changing demands. More than ever, I have learned the importance of listening to my body and we make sure that our training regimes provide what the body needs. Exercise books filled with programmes and plans are testimony to the detailed attention that has been given to meeting my specific and ever-changing needs.


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Mary Dunn

Thai Yoga massage is one of those rare things that is amazing but still good…

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Rav’s Success Story!

In January this year, I realised that I needed help to get “my old self back” – I’d well and truly fallen off the “wellbeing wagon” – the usual suspects – takeaways, convenience meals, snacks, way too much wine and with excessive working to top it off – I felt as though I had lost control of me!! 

Over the years, I’ve been pretty self motivated to eat well and exercise – I’ve never been into fad diets, but more so healthy living based on the 80/20 rule. But this time, I’d gained way too much weight, felt unhealthy, groggy and needed help to get back on track!  (more…)

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I contacted Victoria in November of 2015.  We met and discussed my past experience of diet and exercise, my work, lifestyle, what I wanted to gain from working with a personal trainer and my attitude towards training.  My goals were to gain muscle, lose fat, generally feel fitter and maintain the battle against the aging process. (more…)

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"I really loved my Thai Yoga Massage with Victoria, the whole experience is truly on…

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Victoria listened to my requests for a better shape and better state of health. She created a programme for me which we worked on together and a separate programme for the times I didn’t see her. These in between programmes were achievable as they only took a maximum of 15 mins so I could fit them in with a busy schedule. (more…)

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As my weight increased I really forgot about eating healthily and any exercise whatsoever other than a short walk was a definite no no. Crunch time came for me when I had difficulty putting on my shoes or cutting my toenails….then a trip to Australia loomed. (more…)

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