Victoria listened to my requests for a better shape and better state of health. She created a programme for me which we worked on together and a separate programme for the times I didn’t see her. These in between programmes were achievable as they only took a maximum of 15 mins so I could fit them in with a busy schedule.

After 6 months working with Victoria my BMI has dropped 6 points, my hip to waist ratio is now perfect which means my health issues are being reduced. I no longer worry about the level of exercise exhausting me as the programmes are really well balanced with Cardio workouts and Strength exercises.

Having been a gym member for 12 years it was an interesting option to work out from home. It has proved to be an excellent way of working out, has the minimum impact on my time schedule and Victoria provided all the equipment I needed to begin with. I have invested in a small amount of my own equipment so I can work out in between sessions and Victoria has shown me how to improvise with items that are already in my home.

Miriam 2

Victoria is an enthusiastic, supportive and knowledgeable trainer who supports you and encourages you to achieve your full potential while taking account of age, stage and lifestyle.

I would highly recommend anyone thinking of using a Personal Trainer to speak to Victoria to see what a true professional she is.

Miriam Bannon

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