At what point does focus on the ‘healthy’ become ‘unhealthy’?

Most of you reading this will be health conscious individuals but to the extent to which we prioritise our health and fitness varies from person to person and for each person, this varies from time to time. We all have different goals and different expectations of ourselves. What is a brilliant week for one person is a disaster week for another person! Do we have anything in common? I would say that we are all striving to make ourselves better in hope of living a happier and healthier life…but how much are we pushing ourselves? And in doing so, are we still being kind to ourselves?


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Not only do our priorities vary greatly, so too does the pressure we put on ourselves to always perform to the best of our ability. For some people, keeping fit and healthy is actually a source of great stress. How do we react when we have to miss training or when there are no healthy options available to eat? Fundamental to training success is a level of commitment and will power but can we go too far?  Is it possible that the blame, shame and dissappointment that sometimes overwhelms us when things go awry is entirely counterproductive?

The fact is that we are the best versions of ourselves when we are feeling positive. Feeling positive requires that we do not loathe ourselves for what we have or haven’t done. Beating ourselves up for behaviour we deem to be counterproductive towards our goals often leads to further negative behaviour. Each time this happens, negative self worth and belief grow a slightly stronger root as the rational mind sees evidence for such thoughts expand.

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The person who is kind to themselves but simultaneously disciplined is the person that achieves the most throughout the year. This is the person that has a slice of cake on a Saturday afternoon but goes for a jog/walk on the Sunday morning to get themselves feeling healthy again. It is the person that sometimes has pudding when he/she eats out but rarely has sweet things at home. It is the person that accepts that 100% isn’t always possible.

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This is not the person that makes excuse after excuse as to why they didn’t train/had to eat junk food. This is the person that sets themselves goals and when plans change, they make new plans to bring things back to balance. There is no win or lose, there is only constant effort towards self improvement.


Do enough to make yourself happy and proud. After all, this is for your own happiness right? You are your best supporter, cheerleader and friend. I can help you with your motivation, momentum and successes but I need YOU as your supporter, cheerleader and friend on board. Success without self love is, in my opinion, impossible. Even if achieving all your training goals without self love is possible…if you are unhappy, are you successful? Is there any point to having an amazing body if you don’t love yourself at the end of it?

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Self love isn’t achieved overnight. It takes work and repetitive behaviour that cultivates care and kindness to yourself. Along side your training, keep checking in to see that you are still being good to yourself. The medal is only worth receiving if it is worn with a big smile on your beautiful face.

Victoria Mairiaux-Jones

I'm a Personal Trainer dedicated to improving my clients health and fitness. I work with people of all ages and levels of fitness, across Leamington, Warwick and Warwickshire. Lose Weight and get fit with Free Spirit Fitness Culture.

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