Five Top Tips – Find the RIGHT Personal Trainer

The Right Personal Trainer for YOU

Finding a Personal Trainer locally can seem somewhat overwhelming with many websites offering various prices and packages with different set ups and demands in terms of commitment. This means that people often work with more than one Personal Trainer/Training company before finding The One. This blog aims to help you navigate the world of Personal Trainers and find the right trainer for you sooner rather than later, saving you the expense, hassle and potential frustration!

What makes a good PT?

What questions can you ask to ensure that your training journey gets off to a positive start and what qualities might you look for? 

1. Friendly with an honest communication style
The most important thing between a trainer and client is the ability to exchange honest and open feedback. You need to be able to tell them that you want to be pushed more or less, and you need to be able to tell them how you feel if external factors are affecting your program. It helps to feel at ease in their presence and if you are going to spend hours together every month, I would say that you need to like them! Even if they do make you work for their praise! 
2. Knowledgeable with relevant qualifications
Don’t be afraid to enquire as to what they know with regards to your goals and what you want to achieve. Unfortunately, many Personal Training courses are sub-standard and therefore the best PTs are normally those that have read up on all that interests them or taken additional courses after their initial training. Also, feel free to ask about their qualifications, but keep in mind your goals. Their certificate in advanced olympic lifting may not benefit you if weights is not your thing!
3. Has availability that matches your availability
From a practical perspective, it is important that your trainer has availability at the times when you want to train. Otherwise, you will fail at the first hurdle which is booking sessions in the diary! Better find this out sooner rather than later as you don’t want to go through a lengthy enrolment process to find that there is no availability on the evenings you want to train. Motivation levels vary over time so it helps to workout at a time that suits your body and routine. The wrong time could make cancelling more likely and consistency is key to your success.
4. Understanding what you need and want 
One of the most important things is that you feel understood! Working together is so much easier when you feel that you are on the same page. Honest communication aids this, but you need your trainer to understand the complexities of your lifestyle and to have a degree of empathy as to the struggles you sometimes face. If they keep sending you lengthy recipes to do in the evening even though you have told them you often don’t get home till 9pm then there is too much disparity in what they are expecting from you and what you can realistically commit to. 
5. Makes you feel good! 

You should feel more positive after every PT session than you did before! Your Personal Trainer should make you feel good about your body, your lifestyle and what it is to be YOU. If they make you feel any less than that, then consider making some changes! Be particularly aware if they are making you feel bad about yourself and seek someone with a higher level of emotional intelligence. If they make you laugh then that is a real bonus! Hold on to them for life if criteria 1 – 4 are also met! ENJOYING EXERCISE…can you even imagine?! 

We Can Help

Here at Freespirit Fitness Culture, we always do telephone or face to face consultations so we can have that necessary exchange of information. It provides the opportunity to find out about one another and gives the space to voice expectations about the journey ahead. Finding your perfect trainer is so important because it isn’t having a personal trainer that makes a difference, it is having the right Personal Trainer for you. 

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Client Testimonial

” I train with Victoria regularly and because she knows my strengths and weaknesses, I felt that she was able to focus on the parts of my body that needed it most. I am now 1 stone lighter, 20 times stronger and 100 times happier after 12 months with Free Spirit Fitness! “

Mary Dunn

Victoria Mairiaux-Jones

I'm a Personal Trainer dedicated to improving my clients health and fitness. I work with people of all ages and levels of fitness, across Leamington, Warwick and Warwickshire. Lose Weight and get fit with Free Spirit Fitness Culture.

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