New Year, New You? Improve your Health & Fitness in 2020

Want to improve your fitness?Want to lead a healthier lifestyle?New Year, New You! Free Spirit Fitness Health & Fitness Course 2020 What do you get for free?A new 20-minute full body workout each week for 4 weeks.How often do I need to do it? If you aren’t a Free Spirit…

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Have you considered training mindfully?

By Freespirit PT Andi Dunn The last of the mince pies has gone and my focus is now on the new year and my ‘training’. For many years I have wrestled, mostly unsuccessfully, with trying to work to a plan and whilst happy with the results of my physical endeavours,…

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Change your mind to achieve and maintain a healthy weight

Fad diets do not work. Slimming world and weight watchers work whilst you are doing them and whilst you keep doing them but then the weight often returns when you resume normal eating again. Essentially, this is because any long term body change has to come from sustainable lifestyle changes:…

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Magic overnight oats!

We are all aware of the wonderful health benefits that oats bring with them being a top breakfast choice for health fanatics all over the world. They are rich in antioxidants and offer a great source of soluble fibre. Not only this but they are great for controlling blood sugar…

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Stretch your stomach slim!

For many people, the stomach is the biggest problem area and our modern lifestyles do not help this. Increased stress, genetics disposition and posture changes mean that for a lot of people there is extra fat around their middle which is very tricky to shift...and no, 1000 stomach crunches a…

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The one thing that could be sabotaging your weight loss

If you’re eating and exercising right, but still not losing weight, could poor sleep be to blame?   Most of us realise that we’re probably not getting as much sleep as we should be. The story usually goes like this…you get home late from work, hustle together a quick dinner,…

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Exercises for Great Posture

Poor posture is a modern day problem! What causes the rounding of the upper back? Sitting at desks, peering over computer screens, mobile phone use, long hours driving or commuting are often the main culprits. But what is happening in the body when this ‘poor posture’ develops?

The rounding of the upper back (often referred to as kyphosis) results in long and weak upper back muscles which don’t activate when we need them too and over time this means tight chest and shoulders which can limit shoulder mobility. Posture issues can develop to different degrees but if your back starts to round then the problem will only get worse unless you devote sometime to increasing strength, body awareness and over time, better posture!


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Your Fitness Christmas Survival Guide!

We can feel it trickling in… the decorations have arrived in the shops, the toy adverts are on every 5 seconds and we may well be starting to panic about the lack of weekends between now and the big day. Now as I see it, we have three options: 


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5 Life-Changing Food Fundamentals

For 8 years, I bounced from diet to diet- either steering the wagon or very much being dragged along behind by my ankle! I was always waiting for the moment I would feel elation like the feeling at the top of the mountain when you think “I’ve made it!” But I never got this feeling, because you can always think of ways in which you could be better and you can fantasise about how much happier you would be if you were skinnier, more toned, more this, less that etc. But actually I came to realise that the time to love yourself -and enjoy being you- is actually now. 


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Mary Dunn

Thai Yoga massage is one of those rare things that is amazing but still good for you! I have had Thai Massage before but this stands out as the best treatment I have ever had. It left me physically and mentally relaxed for at least 24 hours afterwards.  I train…

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