Breaking bad habits

We all know that the key to success in fitness and body change is consistency: a very tricky notion for naturally inconsistent beings! On good days, wellbeing (treating ourselves well) is an easy task, but there are always days where we don’t feel so good and doing well for ourselves seems totally against our natural inclination. (more…)

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Why doing LESS is sometimes MORE

In the gym nearly EVERY morning, doing classes back to back, training well over 8 hours a week – this was me five years ago.

Did my weight ever change? No.

Did my measurements ever go down? No.

Did my clothes size ever change? No.

Did it make me strong? Inevitably, over time I grew muscle.

Was I exhausted? Yes.

Did I feel good? No.

Was I happy? Not really. The irony being that because I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, I wanted to do more and always made plans to do more. Never did occur to me that actually doing less would serve my happiness and goals better. 


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The key to successful long-term weight loss

On a mission of weight loss, the majority of us have tried a diet of some sort at one point or another – we may have lasted hours, days or maybe a couple of weeks at best. Predictably, we can’t maintain the diet and we fall off the wagon with limbs flailing – probably into a large vat of gin or melted chocolate for those more that way inclined! We then hate and slate ourselves for being weak or alternatively concoct a multitude of made up stories as to why it didn’t work… (more…)

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Why Hygge helps our Health

Recently, I was given the book “Hygge: The Danish Art of Happiness” by Marie Tourell Soderberg. The literal translation of “hygge” (pronounced ‘hugar’ apparently!) is “cosy”, but it is used widely to describe all the things that give you warmth, nourishment and make you feel at home.



Bloggers of cyber perfection and why we need to “keep it real”

Instagram, Twitter, tumblr and Pinterest (other social networking sites are available) all boast millions of food bloggers, fitness lovers and perfect life fanatics, but what effect is this having on you? I agree that some are insightful, inspiring and even educational but still… (more…)

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Does food and exercise cause you stress?!

We get stressed about work, the housework, our family, our friends, missing birthdays, poorly children, being late, not sleeping enough, drinking too much, smoking too much, eating too much, weighing too much, not working out enough…and so the list goes on. Those of us that are health conscious are constantly evaluating and judging ourselves for the choices we make and the way we live.



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