The key to successful long-term weight loss

On a mission of weight loss, the majority of us have tried a diet of some sort at one point or another – we may have lasted hours, days or maybe a couple of weeks at best. Predictably, we can’t maintain the diet and we fall off the wagon with limbs flailing – probably into a large vat of gin or melted chocolate for those more that way inclined! We then hate and slate ourselves for being weak or alternatively concoct a multitude of made up stories as to why it didn’t work…

The ice-cream diet… forced upon me!

When it comes to weight loss, it is important to try to identify the reason(s) why you might have put on weight in the first place. Do you comfort eat or struggle to leave food on your plate? These are the habits you need to bring your attention to! Small changes like not snacking after dinner or not having a biscuit every time you have a hot drink can make a significant difference to your body over a period of time.

The second is to remember that – you are not defined by your habits. Your habits are not because of who you are, they are just a consequence of your personal evolution. It will take time and patience but you can change them 🙂  

What is required for weight loss is a ‘food evolution’ where you evolve your current way of eating into a way that makes you feel healthier and happier. A common response I get to this is “but I’m an all or nothing kind of person” – but you are not an all or nothing kind of person, rather you are a person who has learnt extreme habits which are currently making it difficult for you to move forward. 

Positive habits make you feel good and then you want to repeat them!

In order to evolve and change what and how you eat, you may have to alter your perception of yourself and your body. Both being overweight and failing at diets leaves us with a low self-esteem and often a negative relationship with our body. This is what needs to be reversed in order for you to successfully start changing your ways.

If you can be compassionate towards yourself, you will start to feel happier and more positive. From this strong platform, your habits will naturally change because you will want to be good to yourself and will believe yourself to be totally capable of being so.




and believe YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Victoria Mairiaux-Jones

I'm a Personal Trainer dedicated to improving my clients health and fitness. I work with people of all ages and levels of fitness, across Leamington, Warwick and Warwickshire. Lose Weight and get fit with Free Spirit Fitness Culture.

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