Why Intermittent Dieting Works!

Have you tried every Diet going? Welcome to the lady that has tried all diets and found that maintaining any of them indefinitely is pretty much impossible without having a rather miserable existence. Being hungry all the time is hideous and do I want a life without an occasional cheese…

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Your Fitness Christmas Survival Guide!

We can feel it trickling in… the decorations have arrived in the shops, the toy adverts are on every 5 seconds and we may well be starting to panic about the lack of weekends between now and the big day. Now as I see it, we have three options: 


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Why doing LESS is sometimes MORE

In the gym nearly EVERY morning, doing classes back to back, training well over 8 hours a week – this was me five years ago.

Did my weight ever change? No.

Did my measurements ever go down? No.

Did my clothes size ever change? No.

Did it make me strong? Inevitably, over time I grew muscle.

Was I exhausted? Yes.

Did I feel good? No.

Was I happy? Not really. The irony being that because I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, I wanted to do more and always made plans to do more. Never did occur to me that actually doing less would serve my happiness and goals better. 


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Mary Dunn

Thai Yoga massage is one of those rare things that is amazing but still good for you! I have had Thai Massage before but this stands out as the best treatment I have ever had. It left me physically and mentally relaxed for at least 24 hours afterwards.  I train…

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