Why Intermittent Dieting Works!

Have you tried every Diet going? Welcome to the lady that has tried all diets and found that maintaining any of them indefinitely is pretty much impossible without having a rather miserable existence. Being hungry all the time is hideous and do I want a life without an occasional cheese…

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Why everyone needs PREHAB

What is prehab?Prehab is everything to do with injury PREVENTION. The idea being that it is much more effective to train the body prior to injury rather than to wait for inevitable injury to occur before then trying to correct the imbalances in the body afterwards. Athletes often do separate…

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New Year Yoga Class

Christmas is amazing for spending time with friends and family and getting in some much needed rest! However, after quite a few christmas movies, quality street (that you didn't really want to eat) and a mulled wine too many you can start to feel quite lumpy! It is totally harmless…

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Healthy Banana and Blueberry Pancakes

When you eat do you feel that there is always the choice between what you want to eat and what you feel you "should" eat? This constant battle often leads to a lose-lose situation as when you eat what you feel you should eat then you feel unsatisfied as it…

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Yoga Pose of the month: Uttanasana

Sanskrit name: Uttanasana English name: Standing Forward Fold Pose The Yoga pose of the month is standing forward fold pose and goes by the sanskrit name of  'Uttanasana.' It is a great pose to do within a yoga practice or at the end of a long day. It can be…

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Get great posture and a rock solid core!

Lauren started dressage last year following her love for riding and caring for horses. Dressage is a term taken from french and translates to "training" - and what is key for dressage riders is good posture and a strong core: two elements also essential to anyone wanting to take their…

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Exercises to make that core BURN!!!

Upon hearing the word "core muscles", most of us will only think about abdominals. Your core means the muscles around your hips, lower back, upper back, stomach and shoulder girdle :) Due to modern day living, these are weak in a lot of people so there is much to be…

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Fed up with being bloated?

Does your stomach seem to get more and more bloated as the day goes on? Does it feel sore and uncomfortable after a meal? Some people get bloating more than others and if there is no medical reason behind it (do check with your GP first as it can be…

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My Pregnancy Survival Guide!

Pregnancy is such a journey for any woman or couple. There are so many emotions to deal with when trying to conceive and then there is the rollercoaster of pregnancy itself! Here are some things that I believe, made the journey a little easier for me :) First Trimester Nap…

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