Food for Fitness: Healthy Post Workout Breakfast!

Healthy post-workout Breakfast: Banana, chia and oat porridge

When it gets colder, I think you cannot beat a big comforting bowl of oats! The key to making it keep you fuller for longer is to make healthy additions boosting up the good fats and protein content of the meal. 

Why are oats so super?

Oats are great because they are high in both protein and carbs. This combination means that they are really satisfying and an easy food for the body to absorb. To keep it as clean as possible opt for large organic oats as often powdered forms have been processed and added to. Who needs instant oats when real oats can be ready in under 5 minutes?! 

Maybe not milk?

Many people have an intolerance to dairy or maybe are cutting down on dairy consumption due to ethical concerns regarding the dairy industry. We are so fortunate to live in a time when this is easier than ever with so many milk substitutes to choose from! Give them all a go! To keep things healthy, we need to keep sugars down so choose unsweetened varieties if you can. You can always sweeten your porridge using dates or fruit afterwards 

What do you need for this yummy and nutrititous breakfast?

50g Organic oats
100 ml Milk of choice (add more if too thick) 
2 tsp Chia seeds 
1 tbsp Nut butter 
Small bit of butter or coconut oil for frying 
I tried this with some healthy maca powder first time round but I just can’t deal with the bitterness of it! If you do try it, start with a small teaspoon and see if you like it! If you aren’t a fan of nut butter than you can sprinkle on some chopped nuts or seeds if you prefer. 


1. Put oats and milk in pan. Cook till they start to blend and oats start to cook. 
2. Add in seeds 
3. Meanwhile slice and fry up banana 
4. Put hot oats in bowl, add caramelised banana and then pop on a dollop of your favourite nut butter 
5. Sit down, relax and enjoy your great start to the day
If you aren’t keen on breakfast then you can have a small portion or maybe opt for a smoothie version… Blend up milk, oats, banana, seeds and nut butter and have chilled!
The most important thing is that you find something that works for you that you also enjoy! 
Start the day as you mean to go on: taking care of yourself. Both your mental and physical health will benefit from it, 
Happy eating! 
Victoria x 

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