How to Burn Belly Fat – (in 3 easy videos!)

Stomach Crunches reduce belly fat, FACT or MYTH?

Belly fat is often something that can hinder body confidence. For many of us, it is the area of the body that stores the most fat and this means that we have to choose clothes accordingly and are shy to strip down on the beach! The best way to lose belly fat is to lose body fat, the tricky thing is that if your body likes to store fat here then it is likely that you will have to lose the fat from the other areas of your body first before your body lets these fat stores go.

“The key thing is to be both STRUCTURED and FLEXIBLE with your exercise routine.”

For me, it is my thighs and bottom that hold the most fat and when I lose weight, this is the last area to slim down but it will happen if you keep up your healthy eating and regular exercise habits. The key is consistency and persistency! You have to find a routine that is strict enough that over the month, a certain amount of training happens but flexible enough to withstand a busy working schedule, social engagements and family commitments.

Let me tell you straight.........

With this wisdom in mind, it will be no surprise to you that there is no isolated stomach exercise that burns stomach fat (and any PT selling you this concept is lying). Let’s be clear as this is a topic of much confusion!

  1. Stomach exercises strengthen the stomach muscles underneath the fat.
  2. Fat-burning exercises (ones that use ALL your muscles and elevate your heart rate) will reduce your body fat stores and thus, the fat around your middle.

Is it possible to do both of these at the same time??

You can mix up core training with fat-burning squats, burpees, lunges, press-ups and deadlifts OR you can try these 3 exercises that BURN FAT whilst STRENGTHENING YOUR ABS! In todays busy life, it is essential that you workout efficiently – doing the best exercises in the correct quantities to see the results happen!

Exercise 1: Swissball Leg tuck

Exercise 2: Burpee with mountain climber and press up

Exercise 3: Burpee with towel slide (EXTRA FUN)

Not sure how to do these exercises? Check out the videos below for explanation and check out the suggested quantity. If you train once a week or less than that then I would start with beginner recommendations and see how you go. If you train moderately two or three times per week then check out the intermediate and if you train hard three or more times per week then you are the advanced pros!

Exercise 1: Swissball Leg Tuck

This one is a classic and has been around for a long time! But there is usually good reason why some things stay around, Take is slowly. The further you walk your hands forward, the harder it is! Start with a smaller distance and then walk out further as you feel more confident. Be sure to keep your hips UP and your shoulders stacked over your knuckles.

Beginner: 2 x 5

Intermediate: 2 x 10

Advanced: 3 x 15

Exercise 2: Burpee with mountain climber and press up

3 for the price of 1! This exercise is a combination of moves, it is the repetition of the combination that really starts to challenge the core if done SLOWLY with good form. Faster isn’t always better…

Beginner: 2 x 8 (Take out jumps and step back, drop to knees for press up)

Intermediate: 2 x 15 (add jumps and press up on toes half way down)

Advanced: 3 x 15 (Press ups should be nose to floor)

Exercise 3: Burpee with towel slide (EXTRA FUN)

There is so much fun that can be done for your core with a simple towel on a wooden or polished floor! You can also use paper plates or proper sliders on a carpet.  What I love about these exercises is that it trains muscle integrations as you feel the chains of muscles working together from your legs to your stomach and then into your back and shoulders. This is great body training! Integrated muscle activation is better for supporting you doing real activities in life, reduces injury and is amazing for body shape too!

Beginner: 2 x 5 (bend knees to bring feet in in)

Intermediate: 2 x 10 (keep legs straight and pike your legs in)

Advanced: 3 x 15 (add the reps!)

YES, These Ab Videos are the BOMB!

These three exercises wipe the floor in terms of core strength and muscle gain! Wave goodbye to boring crunches that make your neck ache and swinging your legs around without feeling anything in your middle! Check your form in the mirror or film yourself on your phone. Find one thing that you think you could do better and focus on that on your second set. There is nearly always room for improvement so be your own training coach! Keep it positive and push yourself to do 2 more when you feel you have done enough 😉 They make the difference.

Are YOU struggling with motivation??

If you are struggling to get motivated or aren’t sure if you are doing exercises correctly then book in a couple of sessions with myself or one of the Free Spirit team! Then at least you know that the time you are putting into your training yourself is going to make a difference! sometimes a little support goes a long way!

Happy training and feel free to email me if I can support your fitness journey further or call for a free consultation today.

Love YOU always,

Victoria xx

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