Veggie delight!!!

Hey my little super troopers 😀

Here is my current favourite delicacy 🙂 Adding meat (chicken/turkey/fish) is optional, you can add chick peas/beans if you fancy or just have along side salad if you are keeping things light!

Veggies don't need to be boring!
Veggies don’t need to be boring!

I roasted sweet potato, carrots and red pepper. Cooked up some broccoli and asparagus. Popped in a cauldron tomatoes, garlic and sugar snaps….then piled all the veggies in. Added turkey breast. Feel free to add garlic and a table spoon of harissa paste which gives it an awesome kick! Or add chillies or chilli flakes if you crave more spice!

Lovely served just with houmous and salad or you can pop it in a wholewheat wrap if you are on the go. This makes quite a carb-filled meal but is nutritious and delicious, fantastic for fueling big workouts and a very active lifestyle. If your lifestyle is more sedentary and your workouts are less frequent then just reduce the potato/carrot input and serve with a big fresh green salad rather than a wrap B-)

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