Yoga Video for Weight Loss (and a heathy heart)

Can Yoga help you lose weight?

Can Yoga help you lose weight?! To be honest, it really depends why or how you became overweight to start with. Generally speaking, yoga will help you lose weight if you are overweight for any of the reasons below:

1. Sedentary lifestyle 
2. Slow metabolism 
3. Being disconnected from your body: not knowing when you are hungry or when you are full
4. Emotional eating 
5. Body composition: low muscle mass
Yoga helps you move more, increasing your heart rate and metabolism therefore it will increase the amount of calories you burn over the week. It helps connect you back to your primitive body: what your body really needs. And just like any friendship – the relationship you have with yourself needs time and effort. 
Food is a comfort for many of us but if it is your first choice of comfort then overtime you are likely to gain weight or struggle with maintaining a healthy weight. Yoga helps us heal and nourish the body, making us feel better without feeding ourselves. It can become a very healthy coping mechanism. 
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Does it matter what kind of yoga you do?

 All yoga is good for your body and mind but the stronger types of yoga will encourage the body to build and maintain muscle mass. This is great because if you have more muscle, you need more calories every day so it is easier to stay a healthy weight even with some weekly treats 😊

What should I focus on?

Yoga can help weight loss but if you are eating too much or eating too much of the wrong things then the positive effect yoga is having on your body might not be visable. The best way to lose weight with a regular yoga practice is to focus on nourishment. What kind of practice will nourish me best today? What kind of food does my body need now? 

This is a refreshing alternative from the majority of diets where you focus on what you cant eat rather than what your body needs. If you eat when your body tells you to and stop when you are full whilst making healthy choices 80% of the time then you are moving towards your natural body weight. 
What that weight is depends on your frame, how athletic you are and your genetic disposition. Try not to obsess about the finished product, instead just taking each day at a time and setting yourself up for success in any way you can. 

How can I set myself up for success?

1. Buy lots of healthy food 
2. Avoid buying much junk food
3. Make big batches of healthy recipes 
4. Plan when you are going to do your yoga practice 
5. Sleep as much as you can (we amke better choices when we are not tired) 
Obviously, the more dynamic the yoga the more calories you will burn and the more strength gains there will be but it is more important that you find a type of yoga that you enjoy and that makes you feel good. This is the practice that is sustainable. 
Here is a 20 minute video of some heart-pumping yoga flow. See your sweaty face on the flip side 😂

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Victoria xx 

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