Healthy Recipe Suggestions (Post Workout Fuel for Your Body)

Busy Lifestyle? Easy Healthy Eating!

For most of us, healthy eating isn’t about education – we know what to eat but that our busy lifestyles make it difficult for us to have the mental space or physical time to organise things accordingly. Eating well requires three things:

  • Getting a food shop in that includes lots of colourful nutritious food.
  • Taking the time to plan what you are going to eat in the day and doing any necessary prep in the morning or the night before. (some people even resort to doing it days before – on a sunday night perhaps – so that you are set up for a successful week)
  • If you do need to get something out or you are eating out then making a good choice with nutrition in mind. The occasional burger or pizza is totally fine but try not to have fast food every time you eat out, especially if you eat out multiple times per week.

Food shop essentials:

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Jacket potatoes
  • Wholemeal bread, sourdough and bagels
  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Wraps
  • Oats
  • At least 2 portions of fish not battered or breaded
  • Lean chicken/ mince or quorn if you are veggie x 2
  • Houmous x 2
  • Ham or sliced beef
  • Salad including spinach, tomatoes and avocado
  • Natural or greek yoghurt
  • Veggies like squash, carrots, peas, brocoli (as many as you can)
  • Seasonal fruit
  • Oat or almond milk (unsweetened)
  • Coconut milk
  • Honey or maple syrup to sweeten
  • Natural butter (not marge) and olive oil
  • Good quality coffee and tea
  • Tins of tomatoes
  • Organic eggs
  • A little of your favourite cheese!
  • Crackers
  • Nut butter (I like cashew or peanut)

You need healthy staples to put the tasty combinations together. Everyone knows that the minute the fridge starts to look a little bare, the chinese takeaway menu starts to look more appealing! This way you can whip up a healthy and quick dinner or lunch in no time at all!

Some of my favourite breakfasts!!

  1. Avocado on sourdough with salt, pepper and sometimes some chilli flakes
  2. Boiled eggs sliced on a bagel
  3. Porridge with mashed banana stirred in, topped with a little greek yoghurt

Easy lunches!!

  1. Wrap with avocado, houmous and salad
  2. Rice with tuna and leftover veggies
  3. Omelette with ham, spinach and a little cheese

I will often have fruit and yoghurt afterwards if I fancy or a couple of squares of dark chocolate with an oat flat white…delicious!

Quick dinners


  1. Pasta with homemade tomato sauce (throw in peppers, tomatoes, spinach) with prawns or chicken.
  2. Stir Fry veggies with beef or quorn
  3. Sweet potato wedges with garlicky greens (broccoli and asparagus) with salmon or cod


The key thing is not to make things too complicated. Try to connect back to your intuition: Eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full and when you do eat, try not to eat processed food. If you fancy cake or biscuits then make it a hygge event where you bake for your friends and family and then enjoy the food together. Bringing joy back into food and practicing healthy habit

It doesnt need to be perfect!

There will be days where you just have to eat what you are offered and there will be times when only a burger king is open but as long as you do what you can and eat healthy 80% whilst training regularly then your body will thank you for it.


Enjoy your food, care for your body and keep it simple folks!!!


Victoria xx

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