Core Blimey! It’s Christmas!

Are you starting to feel a bit less firm around the middle due to a few too many wines since the beginning of December? Free Spirit Trainer Martin has put together an awesome combination of moves to have you feeling tighter and lighter in no time at all 🙂 Don’t cheat on your reps now! Else Santa will not come!


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30 mins Core and Arms

A quick weekend blitz for those of you wanting to work on strengthening arms and core. My legs were sore today (‘yippee!’ I hear you cry ;)) so I let them recover whilst still getting in a workout.

This workout requires nothing more than a medicine ball and a Swissball.


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Yoga Play!!!

The body knows what it needs. Go to the mat without agenda. Begin to move...…

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Table Top Squat

A gorgeous exercise for you folks! Great for your legs, core and arm strength! Requires…

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