Circuit Training! – Total Body Workout

Circuit Training - Whatever the Weather!

You would think June training would consist of lots of outdoor jogs, cycling and workouts in the garden but it has been an awful lot of rain! The kind of weather that makes not going to the gym or out for that run, too easy! Do not fear, I have concocted 5 awesome exercises that you can do inside or outside, no matter what the weather is doing. You do not need any equipment and if you don’t have a fitness mat, you can use the carpet or a rug. Complete 2 or 3 rounds of the exercises if energy and time allows for it!

Warm up and Mobilise!

Circle your arms, swing your legs forward and back (keeping your torso upright) and circle your hips. Jog on the spot for a few minutes to get the heart rate up.

Exercise 1: Wide Squats for your bottom and thighs

Place your feet 2 x your shoulder width apart with your toes facing outwards. Reduce the arch in your lower back and keep your pelvis in neutral position as you drop your bottom straight down, pushing your knees wide! As you come back up to standing, squeeze your bottom and keep your stomach engaged throughout…it won’t be long till those inner thighs are burning.

Beginner: Sets of 10

Intermediate: Sets of 15

Advanced: Sets of 20

Exercise 2: Sky Diver for Strengthening Your Upper Back

Lie on your front with your forehead on the mat, place your hands by your hips, palms facing down. Draw your shoulders as far away from the mat as possible and down from your ears. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and raise your arms away from the mat. Pull your belly button into your spine and don’t clench your butt! Take some nice deep breaths and wait for the shake!

Beginner: 30 second hold

Intermediate:1 min

Advanced: 90 seconds

Exercise 3: Body Weight Shoulder Press for Back and Shoulders

For you Yogis out there you may recognise this as a downward facing dog! For those of you who don’t do yoga, start on all 4’s – press your hands down into the mat as you lift your hips up and back. You may find it easy to straighten your legs or you may choose to keep a small bend in your knees…either way is fine! Starting small, bend your elbows slightly so that the top of your head comes down on a diagonal line towards your hands then push back up again, straightening your arms. As you get more confident, you can start to make the movement bigger and bigger until the crown of your head touches the mat.

Beginner: Sets of 8

Intermediate: Sets of 12

Advanced: Sets of 15

Exercise 4: Tricep Dips For Your Arms

Sit on your mat and place your hands behind you, finger tips facing you. Pop your feet hip distance and lift your hips up, tucking your tailbone under. Keep your stomach as tight as possible and bend your elbows before straightening your arms again. As above, start small and gradually make the movement bigger. If your shoulders are tight then you can do this off a step – an easier variation if this one is a struggle! You are likely to feel a stretch across the front of the shoulders and the arms will start to burn towards the end of each set. Reward yourself with a delightful arm stretch to relieve the burn.

Beginner: Sets of 8

Intermediate: Sets of 12

Advanced: Sets of 15

Exercise 5: Single Leg Extensions for Your Stomach

And now for that all-important stomach area! These work both your lower and upper abdominals if you curl your shoulders up and away from the mat! Try to keep your knees stacked on top of your hips and your ribs pressing contracting towards one another and downward towards the floor.  Bring your knees closer to your chest if you want to make them easier or if you feel any discomfort in your lower back. Try to straight the leg that you extend away with the finishing position being as near to the floor as possible! It is likely that your shins will drop as you do this – try to keep them parallel to the floor. You can watch yourself in the mirror or film yourself on your phone to make sure your form is good! Better to do less with great form than lots with average to poor form…quality over quantity at all times!

Beginner: 5 each side

Intermediate: 10 each side

Advanced: 15 each side

What Will These Exercise Do For You?

Bodyweight exercises are a form of resistance training so like traditional weightlifting (your “weight” is just your body weight) you will change your body composition. It is very common that people want to tone up or look more athletic – the only way to achieve this is to increase the amount of muscle that you have and lose some fat. Creating muscle helps you lose fat as it means that your body needs more calories every day so if you eat the same, you will soon see some very positive changes!

How Often Do I Need To Train?

I recommend training 2 or 3 times per week on top of living an active lifestyle. An “active lifestyle” means active hobbies like walking and cycling, playing sport with friends, jogging or doing to a yoga class when you can.

Does Diet Actually Make a Difference?

Most definitely! You cannot out-train a bad diet! I tend to live by a preach the 80/20 rule – eat good and make smart choices 80% of the time and then you can allow yourself a couple of treat meals and snacks every week. If you are too strict and deprive yourself then one day you will end up just bathing in melted chocolate!

TOP TIP: Try not to obsess about losing weight -it is not your life’s work! Book your classes, personal training sessions or gym sessions with a friend and stick to them. Buy lots of healthy food in so that good choices are easy and then focus on all the things and people that make you happy! A happy person is more likely to be empowered enough to make changes, see their worth and make choices in accordance with that. Forgive yourself when you aren’t perfect and continue on your journey, you will get there

Let Us Help!

If you would like any help or support getting started or staying motivated with Yoga or Fitness then let us know. We help people all over Warwickshire get motivated and STAY motivated. Working out consistently over time is the only thing that works so it is important that you enjoy what you do and have fun on your fitness journey! 


Have a wonderful week,


Victoria xx

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