Breaking bad habits

We all know that the key to success in fitness and body change is consistency: a very tricky notion for naturally inconsistent beings! On good days, wellbeing (treating ourselves well) is an easy task, but there are always days where we don’t feel so good and doing well for ourselves seems totally against our natural inclination. (more…)

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Make things WORK OUT for you!

Do you feel like you begin the week with such good intentions to exercise and keep fit and then as the week goes by, things just don’t work out how you want them to? Do you feel like your lifestyle is incompatible with your health and fitness goals? Here are some top tips on how to turn your intentions into action and your frustrations into SUCCESS:

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5 Life-Changing Food Fundamentals

For 8 years, I bounced from diet to diet- either steering the wagon or very much being dragged along behind by my ankle! I was always waiting for the moment I would feel elation like the feeling at the top of the mountain when you think “I’ve made it!” But I never got this feeling, because you can always think of ways in which you could be better and you can fantasise about how much happier you would be if you were skinnier, more toned, more this, less that etc. But actually I came to realise that the time to love yourself -and enjoy being you- is actually now. 


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The key to successful long-term weight loss

On a mission of weight loss, the majority of us have tried a diet of some sort at one point or another – we may have lasted hours, days or maybe a couple of weeks at best. Predictably, we can’t maintain the diet and we fall off the wagon with limbs flailing – probably into a large vat of gin or melted chocolate for those more that way inclined! We then hate and slate ourselves for being weak or alternatively concoct a multitude of made up stories as to why it didn’t work… (more…)

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Is your food taking up too much of your brain space?
Time on a weekend to connect with outdoors - the simple things like watering plants in the sunshine

Is your food taking up too much of your brain space?

You get up in the morning and have seven internal conversations about the best breakfast combination before you reach your kitchen. Then spend a good five minutes debating what you think you should have and what you actually want. You get hungry again at 10am and eat an apple (good choice), but are then STARVING five minutes later so you look in your bag for something else to eat…


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TOP TIPS for gaining and maintaining muscle!

The majority of people that work out will, at one time or another, have said that they want to “tone up” but what does this actually mean? Toning up requires two things: gaining muscle and losing body fat.
In order to have a toned physique, you must create an environment that will support muscle building. This is not as simple as just lifting big heavy weights and drinking protein shakes with some raw eggs on the side.


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