Remember that the tortoise won the race!

So you have probably promised yourself that you are going to drink green tea every hour on the hour whilst simultaneously jogging on the spot all day, every day. And then you aren’t going to eat chocolate EVER again…because let’s face it: it is the devil.


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These and similar variations are the resolutions that so many of us pressure ourselves to keep in the early weeks of the new year. The task is too big for anyone so we inevitably “fail”. This is promptly followed by self loathing, frustration and a sympathy take-away to ease the pain. Just to be clear,  I’m not trying to crush your dreams of becoming a model by August, but just check in with yourself to make sure that your goals are realistic.

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For something to be realistic, you need to firstly take note of your starting point: how much did you exercise last year and how fit are you currently?  What is it that you want to achieve and what would that require? Is it compatible with the time/energy you have available? Make small achievable goals that you can review after 3 months. Research shows that people are more likely to succeed with short-term goals.


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Think of your confidence like a fire. You light the logs in January, full of motivation and determination, but then what? Fire won’t just maintain itself: it requires more wood, maybe sometimes shelter from the rain and maybe some helpful bouts of extra oxygen. Your confidence is the same. Every time you succeed in achieving a short-term goal, you are feeding that fire. The fire startsgetting bigger, brighter and more powerful.


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Confidence and motivation are an inseparable couple. When one dips, so does the other. Keep your motivation high by feeding your confidence: believe that you are worth it and that you are capable of achieving.

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