Festive Yoga Class (Merry Christmas!!)

Merry Christmas Everyone!

For many of us, this time of year is a time of hibernation: Christmas movies and staying in your pjs for as long as is hygienically viable! Your usual fitness classes might not be running, your PT may be on holiday and the family walk is waiting for the rain to stop. Well have no fear because I have the perfect indoor solution for you! 30 minutes easy vinyasa yoga flow to ease out the stiffness, brighten the mind and get you feeling energised again. Lethargic living and eating often only brings lethargy so sometimes you need to shake it off and get moving!

How does Yoga work?

Yoga increases your heart rate and improves circulation, warming the body from the inside out. It stimulates the digestive system increasing your metabolism whilst stretching and strengthening the body reducing aches and pains in the body which tire us. Not only this but it connects us to our body and what it is that we need aiding healthy sleep and eating patterns.

Some people say it reduces stress

Stress is chemical and yoga encourages deep breathing and relaxation. This stimulates our parasympathetic nervous system, meaning that it reduces the amount of the stress hormone cortisol in the body.

How often do you need to do it?

You should do it whenever you feel you need to do it. Sometimes that might be everyday and other weeks maybe just once. If you feel that it adds to you and improves your energy and mood then isn’t it time well spent?

Do I need equipment though?

No, you don’t even really need a mat. You can practice on carpet or wooden flooring, just be aware to put carpet under the knees if any knee pain.

Free Spirit Fitness | Christmas de-stress | Festive Yoga Class

Your Christmas Yoga Class

Do not worry if you can’t do all the poses or you need to modify particular transitions (or just rest a bit!) The most important thing is that you listen to what feels good for your body and that you are moving!

Apologies for cutting my head off, luckily most of the sequence is low and I am sure you see enough of my face anyhow! I would re-record but I am off to France now to drink wine and eat cheese with my in-laws.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2020!

Lots of love

Victoria xx

Can I come to a class?

I am not teaching classes at the moment with the intention of building up my online video library so that I can offer more support to you guys at home. Let me know if you would like a yoga session that focuses on something in particular and I will add it to my schedule.

New Year, New You 2020?

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What are we currently offering?

If you are interested in 1 to 1 session, yoga sessions with your partner/family or with a group of pals then contact us! We are really excited to now offer corporate classes too so if you would like us to come to your work place to offer you and your colleagues a 45 minute lunch time stretch out then drop us an email. Places are being booked up so act soon if you are keen!

Delighted to support you on your yoga journey.

Client Testimonial

” Free Spirit works for me!! I’m back on track, and feel much leaner, healthier and brighter … eating well, exercising and enjoying being back in control of me!! I’d have no hesitation in recommending Free Spirit!! “

Rav Johal

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